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This Week…

Q. I am looking for good quality crab and fish. I have seen some at Shin Kong supermarket but they are too expensive. I wonder if there are any cheaper markets for fresh seafood.

A. There are quite a few wholesale seafood markets scattered throughout the capital. But the local favorite is Jingshen Wholesale Seafood Market. Products there are fresh and affordable.

Jingshen Wholesale Seafood Market
232 Shilouzhuang Xi Jie, Dahongmen, Fengtai
(010) 5122 8988

Q. I’m moving from London to Beijing soon. Amongst my belongings that I intended to ship over are two big-screen TVs. The shipping company advised me it would cost almost as much to buy the items new. Is it true? Is it possible to take these items as baggage on a plane instead?

A. If you carry them as excess baggage on a flight it will cost you more. But moreover, you would have to ensure they are securely packed, as baggage handlers are not well known for their care.

Q. My parents and my girlfriends’ have agreed to our wedding. She is from Beijing we are planning to have our ceremony in Beijing in November. We tried searching a lot online and through our local contacts, but so far haven’t found any solution to have a Hindu priest at our wedding ceremony. Do you know how to find one in Beijing?

A. We would suggest you to ask the Indian embassy in Beijing. They may have a contact for certified priests.

Q. We are moving to Beijing next month. What is the best and biggest place to go for household shopping (mops, buckets, etc). We have furniture coming with us, but will need all the little things that are used every day. We will be leaving near Chaoyang Park.

A. You can find them in any supermarket chain like Carrefour or Metro. Chaoyang Park is the second biggest park in the city after the Olympic Park, so there are hundreds of buildings nearby. It shouldn’t be a problem for you to find one near to your new place.

Q. Since moving to Beijing, we’ve have had weird things happening to our laundry. Several items of dark clothing have come up with white stripes on them after washing and these stripes are quite straight. What is causing this?

A. These white stripes are caused by a substance called zeolite. It is used as a water softener in places with extremely hard water. Cheap detergents also include a lot of extra chemicals that remain in the machine. Try switching to something with better quality. Washing your clothes in plenty of water helps to melt the pesky stripes as well. You can easily find finish salt, which is used to soften water, at Carrefour or any other expat shop.

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