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This Week…

Q. I lived beside the sea in my hometown and I really miss it sometimes. I would like to go to the seaside near Beijing. What’s my best option?

A. Dalian is very clean, and its seafood is good and cheap. Qingdao in Shandong province is only six hours from Beijing by high-speed train, and it is an interesting place with nice bars, interesting architecture and tree-lined streets. You can go to its Willy Wonka-style beer factory for a 50-yuan entrance fee.

Qinhuangdao may be another good choice. Beidaihe is one of the most attractive summer seaside resorts in the country and home to many historic sites.

Q. I am an expat who has lived in Beijing for a while now. I plan to buy my own property in Beijing. What documents I should take to register when I lodge in my own purchased home?

A. Just go to the local police station with your passport, valid exit and entry certificate or residence permit, and be sure to bring your certificate of property ownership or the property purchase contract.

Q. Can you recommend some good websites for cheap hotels and flights in China?

A. Most locals use Ctrip or The two sites offer discounted hotels and flights. Both accept foreign credit cards but charge an extra service fee.

Q. My wife and I have decided to have our child in Beijing. How can we apply for a visa for the baby?

A. After the baby is born, the parents or agents need to register at the visa office in Beijing within a month. The passports of the parents and the baby’s birth certificate from the hospital are required. If the newborn baby has a passport, the Beijing Exit and Entry Bureau can issue a visa or residence permit. If you do not register with the police within one month, the parents or agents may be penalized.

Q. Xinjiang food is delicious. Do you know a good Xinjiang restaurant around Lido or Wangjing?

A. There are two restaurants near Wangjing you might want to try:

10 Huajiadi Street, Chaoyang
(010) 6471 1808

Tarim Restaurant
25 Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang
(010) 6432 9421

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