In the world of the Chinese Internet, no article of clothing or trend is without its own special term. We’ve pulled together a few that are related to shoes and boy chasing for this week’s readers.

Hèn Tiān Gāo

Hèntiāngāo (恨天高) is a popular way to describe pairs of high heels taller than 15 centimeters.

Ever since famous model Naomi Campbell took a tumble while wearing 12-centimeter heels at the Vivienne Westwood fashion show in 1993, people around the world have been arguing about the shoes. In China, they’re called hèntiāngāo, or heels that are about to reach the sky.

They are both loved and hated by women.

Ăi Zi Lè

Ăizilè (矮子乐) is a sarcastic way of describing invisible-platform shoes. Ăizi is an ironic term for short people and lè means happy.

Chinese celebrities who are short often poke fun at themselves by saying that they are short even when they are wearing aizilè.

Although the term is intended to be humorous, some language scholars have said that it could be taken as a personal attack on people of short stature.


Xiăo Xiān Ròu

Xiăo xiān ròu (小鲜肉) has been a popular search keyword every since the handsome twenty-somethings Li Yifeng, Lu Han and Wu Yifan rose to fame.

The phrase literally means small pieces of fresh raw meat, but today it is slang for young and handsome boys.

Years before, when older handsome men in Korean soaps caught a lot of Chinese girls’ eyes, “dàshū” (大叔) became the ideal spouse type for many adolescent girls. Xiăo Xiān Ròu seems to have crushed that trend.

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