Sēn Xì (森系)

Sēn means forest, and sēn xì refers to fresh-faced girls surrounded by nature. At the mention of “sēn xì,” people tend to picture a beautiful, refined young women in a light-colored floral skirt in the forest.

Besides floral skirts, sēn xì style also includes pleated skirts and ethnic attire. Many girls regard it as a fashion trend.

Sēn xì can also represent an attitude toward life that is free, simple, natural and comfortable.


Yuēmā (约吗)? Bùyuē (不约)!

If you want to ask a friend out you can try the phrase yuēmā. Young people are fond of the greeting and use it as a catchphrase on social media. Even strangers use it to break the ice.

As a response to yuēmā, bùyuē has also become popular on social media. It’s a direct refusal of the invitation – especially if the invitation was made by a man.


Wŏ Xiăng Jìngjìng (我想静静)

“Wŏ xiăng jìngjìng” literally means “I want to be alone.” However, the Chinese can also be translated into “I miss Jìngjìng.”

Jìngjìng is a really common girl’s name. Try to picture a suspicious wife’s reaction when her tired husband says, “Wŏ xiăng jìngjìng.”

It’s become a phrase used to joke about one’s depressed mood.

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