Chà Píng (差评)

Chà píng is a term to express dissatisfaction or disappointment.

The phrase is borrowed from online shopping lingo. Buyers are usually asked to leave feedback for items after receiving them. On most shopping platforms the options are hăo píng, zhōng píng and chà píng, standing for good, fair and bad.

Few buyers leave negative feedback unless an item is truly awful. With more people shopping online, chà píng has become a common way to describe any disappointment.


Hé Qì Líao (何弃疗)

Hé qì líao is an abbreviation of “Wèihé fàngqì zhìliáo?” meaning “Why did you give up treatment?” The phrase is used to express sarcasm and irony between friends when someone is doing something stupid or behaving like a nerd or idiot.


Yā Lí Shān Dà (鸭梨山大)

Yā Lí Shān Dà, derived from a Chinese rendering of the name “Alexander,” slaps together the words for pear and mountain.

Unsurprisingly, the meaning has little to do with what’s actually written. The yā lí is a homonym for another word meaning pressure. When facing a lot of work or big tasks, a lot of people say “I am Alexander,” or “I Yā Lí Shān Dà,” to joke about their situation.

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