Tăng Qiāng

Tăng qiāng (躺枪) describes an innocent person’s pathetic experience. It actually means something like “shot while lying in bed.” If a person is dragged into a topic and scolded or blamed for something that isn’t their fault, they might reply “tăng qiāng.”

For a good example, imagine grumpy 40-somethings complaining to a 20-year-old about how everyone born in the 1990s is arrogant, fatuous and presumptuous.


Hēi Chū Xiáng

Hēi chūxiáng (黑出翔) is a neologism to say someone is being criticized for ridiculous reasons. It also means someone is being made fun of too much. Hēi is used as a verb meaning “to criticize.” People also say bèihēi (被黑) when they are made fun of.

Chūxiáng means “stool” and comes from the story of a man called Li Xiang who gave up after an unusually long forum argument and announced to the world “I’m shit.” Since then, Xiang has become a synonym for feces.

Măn Pīn De

Măn pīn de (蛮拼的) is a popular phrase to describe how someone takes great pains to work on something even when they know it’s not worth the effort. It’s also used sarcastically to say someone is stupid to put in so much effort. Măn means very in many southern dialects while pīn means hardworking.

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