Idealism and romance are favorite themes of the stage, and Huashiruqi is no exception. The new play is a story of confusion and struggle in the face of love and betrayal.

Helen is an office lady who enjoys a stable relationship with her boyfriend. One night, she’s dressing up in her apartment while expecting a marriage proposal from her lover. Instead, she gets a visit from the sweaty mailman Qingzi, who shows up with a “Bye-bye” letter and an itemized list of all the money Helen’s boyfriend ever spent on her.

Desperate and alone Helen attempts to kill herself but is saved by Qingzi. But can he win her over in the end?

In directing the play, Huang Ying tried to adhere to the classical unities of drama: that the story follows one main action, that it covers a single physical space and that it takes place over no more than 24 hours. Huang had to abstract the essence of the story in a very accurate way.

“I read the script looking for the meaning between the lines and the rhythm of the text. These can touch viewers deeply,” Huang said. “This seemingly erotic story of a man and woman is actually an urban fable that probes the confusion of modern youth when faced with love.”

The play metes out a few essential truths for young adults who are as lost as Helen. “The world has a way to express its feelings for you. You might see the world as gray and hopeless, yet there are always those who regard you as their own hope and spiritual pillar,” said the playwright Zou Jingzhi.

“We are all waiting for some moment in life, and it’s beautiful when it comes. If you lose hope in the process, it might be time to step back and think about whether the moment has already come,” Huang said.


National Centre For Performing Arts: Studio Theatre
7:30–10 pm, November 29-December 7
2 West Chang’an Street, Xicheng
160-240 yuan

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