The Beijing Men’s Volleyball Team defeated the Bayi Hengbang Team 3-1 at the China League Volleyball Tournament at Beijing Guangcai Gymnasium on November 20.

With its starting lineup of chief attacker Liu Libin, aid A’min, assistant attackers Hu Xifan and Yang Fan and setter Kang Kai, Beijing quickly snatched a 4-1 lead and scored several fierce spikes. Bayi’s frequent missteps of trying to play balls that should have fallen out of bounds allowed Beijing to stretch the lead to 8-5 and then 15-11. Beijing won the first round 25-22. 

In second round, Beijing managed to maintain its lead even as Bayi improved its defense. Bayi managed to tie up the score at 24-24, but another mistake cost them the round and Beijing won 26-24.

In the third round, Bayi came back to win 25-20. The team came out with a strong 4-1 lead before the first time out, but Beijing countered to tie the score 12-12 and 20-20. Bayi pulled back ahead in the final moments to win.
The team showed their best in the fourth round. After being tied at 3-3, Bayi came out with an 8-5 lead. Beijing countered to tie the game at 14-14, and the tie continued through 22-22, 24-24 and 30-30. In the final moments, Beijing pulled ahead to win the last round 32-30.

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