Lost Horizon, an exhibition of Mexican contemporary art, is on display for the next two months at the Xu Yuan Center in Beijing.

The exhibition collects 90 pieces from nine Mexican artists to showcase the best of Mexico’s exotic artistic expression.

At the opening ceremony, participating artist Valerie Campos spoke briefly about her experiences in art.

“Edward Twitchell Hall Jr. once said the best to way to know yourself is to look through others’ works and creations. Now we are exploring ourselves by looking at what’s beyond the Pacific Ocean,” Campos said.


Lost Horizon is the first event in Nao Now, an art project co-hosted by Mexico and the Xu Yuan Center.

During the next two months, nine Mexican artists will participate in a creative adventure in China to restore and reinvent the cultural and artistic connections across the Pacific Ocean.

“I work on maps of big metropolises like Berlin. I find it amazing that the city Beijing is expanding in a ring while European cities expand in rectangular shapes. That is why Beijing is so unique to me,” said Vanessa Farfan, one of the artists.

Farfan said she was excited about the upcoming months of creation. “I have only been in Beijing for a week. It’s quite an adventure for me to walk the streets while knowing nothing about what people are saying,” she said.

Although Nao Now is primarily intended to promote cultural exchange between Mexico and China, US galleries will also be listed on future exhibition tour.

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