In the Harry Potter series, the dead with strong emotions can become ghosts and haunt Hogwarts forever.

In One Night is Lifetime, the same can be said of stage performers.

一夜一生The play tells the story of four people from different walks of life. The four end up trapped in an abandoned theater, where they come across the spirits of their past lives.

The cast includes a gatekeeper who believes ghosts live on in the theater, a mercenary business woman, a female Ph.D candidate who believes herself to be the reincarnation of Shakespeare and a terminally ill singer with sever stage fright.

While most ghost stories are suspense dramas that exaggerate scary elements, One Night is Lifetime takes a comedic approach to the hereafter.

The director Huang Yanzhuo has also directed many bestselling dramas, including An Impulsive Trip and A Desperate Love. One Night is Lifetime represents her first foray into comedy. Huang draws on her experience at the Academy of Traditional Chinese Opera to incorporate opera elements into the show.

One Night is Lifetime has been especially praised by younger viewers. Many have expressed a new understandings and interest in traditional opera since viewing it.

“The performance is particularly meaningful when you consider society’s current concern with the loss of traditional culture. It blends tradition into an artistic form more accessible to young viewers,” said Liuqile, a netizen.

The show will be performed through July 18 at the Star Theater except Mondays.

Star Theatre

64 Chaoshou Hutong, Xicheng District
7:30 pm

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