Directed by Meng Jinghui, Two Dogs’ View of Life has become the most watched drama in studio theaters on the mainland.

The play tells the story of the two dogs that leave their country home for life in the big city. But their search for happiness and their dreams goes less smoothly than they might have hoped. Once they arrive, the two endure endless mocking insults from their urban neighbors.

Meng Jinghui

Meng Jinghui

“The play is a reflection of how normal people chase their dreams. The dogs are seeking material comforts while supported by the spirit of idealism,” Meng said.

The two dogs, brothers “Lai Fu” and “Wang Cai,” are played by Han Pengyi, a reputable drama performer, and Liu Xiaoye, the apprentice of the famous crosstalking comedian Guo Degang.

The two-hour performance requires the actors to make use of Chinese traditional opera and crosstalk arts, as well as Italian improvisational comedy and French comedy.

It is also interesting to see actors interact with the audience. The two ‘flirt’ with the crowd and even ‘rob’ the audience of the personal belongings as part of the show. The goods are always returned after the performance.

Since its debut in 2006, Two Dogs’ View of Life has been staged more than 1,100 times.

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