IMG_4444Ten-second film apps are nothing new, but none are quite like Meipai. The app shot to the top of the App Store’s free listing on the day of its release.

Similar to Vine, Meipai uses a pause-oriented shooting style. The app has won many users with its smart way to minimize post-production efforts like cutting, filtering and track mixing.

Its adoption by popular celebrities like Faye Wang, Karen Joy Morris, Show Lo and Angelababy doesn’t hurt either.

To attract more users and keep existing users active, Meipai locked down three of its video features: Barcelona, Juno and Clash. Users can unlock the features by sharing Meipai videos in their WeChat friends circle.

The latest version adds an “Interesting Users” ranking to recommend interesting, odd or remarkable videos.

Jiang Shan, a frequent user of Meipai, said the app offers a much richer experience than similar photo apps. She said she hopes the app can offer a better way to pull music clips into videos.

Currently, the app offers only 33 possible songs.

With Sina’s own micro-video app stagnating, it will be interesting to see how Meipai develops. Success will depend on winning more content creators than content consumers, if Sina is an indicator.

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