Spring is here! 700-501 It’s time to end your winter hibernation and start exercising.

It’s also time to pack up your heavy winter blankets and coats. A good storage plan is essential if you want to preserve your precious closet space.

This week we round up a few spring essentials for your home and kitchen.

Balcony garden

If you’re into fresh and organic greens then there’s nothing better than growing them right on your balcony or in your kitchen.

Herbs such as basil, rosemary and mint are expensive when they are available at a supermarket (starting from 5 yuan for 50 grams) but essential for flavoring your culinary creations.

To save time and energy, get a pot for growing herbs from Laitai Flower Market for only 15-25 yuan.

642-374 certification

Laitai Flower Market

9 Maizidian Xi Jie, Chaoyang District
9 am – 7 pm
(010) 6463 6554

Storage bags

CFP407207203When it comes time to load your heavy winter clothes and blankets back into a closet or wardrobe, a variety of durable storage bags can make things much more organized.

IKEA sells a collection of storage bags in colors like pink, purple, blue, white and black.

We also liked the shoe bags sold at MUJI. They are designed for travelers and can hold short boots, slippers, ballet flats and socks.


59 Futong Dong Dajie, Chaoyang District
9 am – 11 pm
(010) 6479 2345


Huamao Shopping Mall, 79 Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District
10 am – 10 pm
(010) 5969 5948

Create a new look for spring

New clothes and shoes are a good purchase with each new season. Don’t think of it as wasting money but as an investment.

Luck is snobbish, and new clothes can help to boost your mood and inspire others. There are plenty of chic, seasonal outfits and shoes available on zara.cn. [vc_single_image image=”4968″ image_size=”full” frame=”noframe” full_width=”no” lightbox=”no” link_target=”_self” shadow=”no” width=”1/2″ el_position=”first”] [vc_single_image image=”4970″ image_size=”full” frame=”noframe” full_width=”no” lightbox=”no” link_target=”_self” shadow=”no” width=”1/2″ el_position=”last”]

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