An independent theater festival called Apple and Orange Play Festival, co-organized by Vantone Property Group, began November 1 in Trojan House, an independent art theater in Beijing. The festival aims to bring theater to the masses while giving young artists a chance to bring their creations to life.

At the opening ceremony, a chat between real estate developer Feng Lun and popular drama actor Pu Cunxin drew enthusiastic applause. They talked about dreams and shared opinions about the festival.

木马剧场全景“This year’s festival not only gives young dramatists and actors a stage to express themselves, but also provides audiences a window into drama,” Pu said.

Eight plays will be performed, including Thunderstorm 2.0, Sensory Journey and Dense Fog. It will be staged in three cities: Beijing, Tianjin and Hangzhou.

This year’s festival – the fourth time it’s been held – will run until December 15.
People will also meet to discuss topics such as how to incorporate multimedia elements into plays, how to use fog machines and set up unexpected plot twists.

Located near Today Art Museum in Pingod Residential Community, Trojan House has the special distinction of being near both an art district and a bustling part of the city.
It’s just as Su wanted it.

She said the theater is supposed to attract the young and elderly, artists and businessmen.

As part of the Apple and Orange Play Festival, Trojan House’s owners hope that young producers, directors and actors will get a chance to realize their artistic potential.

The success of last year’s festival has made Su believe that this year’s can be even better. Last year, the Trojan Theater was approved to collaborate with Vantone Property Group to hold the Third Apple & Orange Play Festival. With theme of Spatialism, the last festival aimed to explore how the narrowed space affects people’s psychology.

《上发条的梦露》6“Ordinary people need a chance to be connected with drama, and we provide this opportunity for them to fall in love with small theaters,” Su said.

Su said theatergoers can see the subtle changes in the expressions of the actors, and will be moved by the plots.

“Before Apple and Orange Play Festival, my only experience with such events were recordings of dramas,” said Zhao Hua, a clerk at Deutsche Bank.

The small theater emphasizes diversity, which is why this year’s festival will feature workshops and youth activities.

“I expect people of all ages and social backgrounds to enter our theater,” said Tang Xiaohui, president of Trojan House.

Trojan House has signed several actors and production teams, including directors and playwrights. Last year it staged several shows, some of which were produced by the theater itself.

About 10,000 people hold theater membership.

Tang said private and small theaters often encounter difficulty in sustaining itself.
They have no choice but to explore other ways to make money, he said.

The festival, however, has seamlessly combined commercial and artistic elements. Next year, organizers plan to introduce foreign plays.

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