The last two years have seen an increase in demand for quality beer with unique flavors, especially among the younger drinkers.

Beijing Today scouted a new restaurant that offers authentic German food and beer, as well as a new group promoting home brews.

Flensburger Brauhaus

Flensburger Brauhaus, a new German restaurant located in the central business district, features big windows and a nice view – though people don’t come for just that.

Its imported Flensburger beers are a must-try. The brand was established in 1888 and all beers are manufactured according to a 1516 law that requires beer to include only water, wheat, hops and yeast. Its beer is delicious and fresh.

We recommend the German sausage. The restaurant offers both imported and locally made varieties. The latter is better because it uses less salt.

There are eight kinds of sausages (69 yuan) – paired with tomatoes, cabbage salads or French fries – including German-style snail sausage, pork sausage, cheese sausage, Munich sausage and roasted meatloaf.

“We use no more than half the amount of salt of German-made sausages,” said Jacky Zhou, the food and beverage operation director.

The restaurant’s pork knuckles (1.5 kilograms) in dark sauce served with mashed potatoes and a dinner roll (189 yuan) is the most recommended. It takes seven hours to prepare the knuckles to be soft, tender and full of chewy collagen. The skin is crispy.

We also like its Bavarian pretzel with butter (15 yuan per piece).

Flensburger has a wide collection of menu items, including several dozen salads, pizzas, traditional German dishes, fish and seafood, pasta and desserts. The servings are big and the prices are mid-level. Examples include: mushroom soup (39 yuan), risotto (48 yuan), saffron steamed mussels with créme fraiche (79 yuan) and home-made apple pie with rum and raisin ice cream (39 yuan).

Flensburger Brauhaus
W-105 World Financial Center, 1 Dong Sanhuan Lu, Chaoyang District
10 am – midnight
(010) 8587 8488

Home Brewing Group

The rise of beer stores like Heaven Supermarket (50 meters west of the Sanlitun Police Station, Chaoyang District; (010) 6415 6513) and Great Leap Brewing (6 Doujiao Hutong, Dongcheng District; (010) 5717 1399) have attracted a group of loyal customers who enjoy good beers.

A Sina Weibo group of home brewers, including locals and foreigners, opened Monday. It has attracted 100 followers, and many are leading brewmasters such as Gao Yan, brewery consultant and founder of Oktoberfest.

The first event will be hosted on June 2 with a dozen members presenting their home brew beers. Anyone interested can check the up-coming for more details.

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