A white stray cat brought this Wednesday to the emergency room of downtown Beijing WAWA Animal Hospital almost died after having its blood taken by a ghoulish owner looking to save his fancy pet.

Yesterday, after 16 hours of treatment, the stray finally regained consciousness, but remained very weak. The cat, nicknamed Big White by veterinary staff, was still lying in the emergency room bed with a transfusion needle attached to its leg.

Liu Meiyun, the Good Samaritan who saved the cat from death at the hands of a heartless pet owner, said, “We have had it on a normal saline and white protein drip for a second night. It seems to have passed any danger of dying now.”

Liu said the owner of an expensive Siamese cat, in collusion with Beijing Saijia Animal Hospital, had almost killed Big White in a gruesome blood-harvest aimed at saving the pampered Siamese. Tuesday afternoon, the Siamese needed an urgent blood transfusion, but Saijia Animal Hospital had no blood in stock matching the animal’s rare type.

Liu said, “Unbelievably, the Siamese cat owner brought in eleven stray cats a few hours later, that he’d caught around the neighborhood he lives in.” The cruel pet owner was offering the strays as involuntary blood donors. Tests showed that only the cat now known as Big White had blood matching the Siamese’s rare type.

A nurse extracted three syringes of blood, about 80 ml in total, from Big White, and transfused it to the Siamese cat. Big White immediately fell unconscious on the operating table, its eyes closed and breathing very faintly. Other pet owners who witnessed this grotesque performance were incensed at the animal hospital’s treatment of the unfortunate stray cat.

Liu said, “The hair on its neck had been shaved off and you could clearly see four bloody needle marks. The cat owner and the pet hospital refused to do anything to save the dying stray. They wouldn’t even give it a standard saline drip. We were really angry and ended up in a row with that immoral cat owner and the vets. We ended up taking the dying cat to the Beijing WAWA Animal Hospital.”

However, doctor Chen from Saijia, who was on shift that afternoon complained, “We just extracted 40ml blood from the homeless cat, far from the fatal amount for a cat. The Siamese cat was diagnosed with anemia on December 5 in our hospital.”

Liu has spent 1,600 yuan trying to save Big White, but she is pleased to have done so. She decided she would adopt him once he gets out of the hospital. Big White is past the crisis now, a WAWA vet says, and on the road to recovery.

Vet Xu Xinling from the International Center for Veterinary Services (ICVS), one of the few international standard foreign-directly-invested veterinary clinics in the city, said yesterday, “No matter how much blood vets at Saijia Animal Hospital extracted from the stray cat, and whether or not doing so endangered it, they had no right to treat any animal, even a stray, like that. It is immoral.”

Xu said clinics should breed their own healthy cats and dogs as blood donors, being sure to only extract strictly limited amounts.

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